Duoh! Services

Small agency? Yes! Big projects, big ideas, big on design? Yes, yes, and yes!

Duoh! started with a love story, and that's how we approach each project, large or small. We stand firmly on the principles that guide business, graphic design, and the web, but we bring our love of design and a joyous sense of adventure to each creative project and client relationship.

What does Duoh! do?

  • Branding — New identity development, stationery, branding style guides
  • Graphic Design — Art direction, website design and development, logo design, illustrations
  • Print — Brochures, posters, mailings, annual reports
  • Interface & Icon Design — Handmade icons for commercial websites or web applications, interface design
  • Websites — CSS/(X)HTML, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, web application interfaces
  • Content Management — ExpressionEngine®
  • Consultation — Help with structuring (X)HTML, CSS suggestions, web standards, interface strategies.
Graphic Web Design Services

How does Duoh! do it?


How does our process begin? The way all relationships should begin: We listen to you. We immerse ourselves in who you are. We are all yours.

Fill out our questionnaire. We learn about you—your goals, product, service, organization. We learn enough for an estimate, a proposal, and to see if we're a good match. Have an RFP for us? No problem!

Should we work together? If the answer is yes, we sign an agreement and schedule you in. Because a good 75% of our work is for the web, we'll describe our site-building process here, but we have a similar process for our other projects.

The heart of the matter

You bring us your content. For some, this is the painful part, the sticking point that halts a project. But content is the core of your site, and it must be just right. What activity or response do you want to encourage; what story do you want to tell, and what sort of "voice" will tell it?

Not enough time? Not sure how to speak the language that users find compelling? Need someone to smooth out the wrinkles in your writing? We'll refer you to talented partners who'll help you sail through painlessly.

We also ask for wireframes that show us what you want on each page of your site. These details help us fine-tune the cost of your site and lead us to the design phase. No wireframes? Depending on the complexity of your site, we can recommend a colleague, or Duoh! will guide you, spark ideas, and create your wireframes.

Design isn't just a lovely veneer

Here at Duoh!, design is muscular—it works hard, transforming a sketch, a wireframe, or a blank screen into a living, breathing experience that communicates powerfully and creatively, reaching out to your users so they can effortlessly get what they came for.

Our job is to bring your site to life, to attract and guide your users, to communicate your message, to infuse the site with your identity, yet somehow be invisible, so your visitors are magically wowed without ever knowing how.

The dance begins

We take what we've learned about you, the services you need, your content, your wireframe, and our design sensibilities, and create a first set of mockups. This is when you'll first see our recommendation for the "look and feel" of your site.

After our first mockups, we ask for your reactions. We make changes in response to your comments—refining, finessing, and seeking the perfect solution, within the number of iterations we agree on in our contract. We recommend that you choose the smallest team possible to judge our work and make final decisions. "Design by committee" leads to below-average designs with above-average prices.

Making it real

We create entire websites or just templates for your team. Of course, our future-ready sites support web standards, accessibility guidelines, and mobile needs. Our use of CSS, (X)HTML, and light scripting takes most sites where they need to go.

Our process is fluid

We flow with the needs of your project. Creativity may bring new ideas; exploring the site may uncover unexpected needs. Changes can pop up even during final site checks.

You may want us to maintain your site or add new features in the future. Want to update your site on your own? We base many sites on ExpressionEngine, which you'll find flexible & easy to use, once we've set you up.

What about the future?
Your relationship with Duoh! can safely steer you through the ever-changing web.